Just an update.

On our trip to Coachella, I cooked all of our food so we didn't have to spend any money on the overpriced junk inside the venue. Gazpacho, brown rice salad with roasted vegetables and cashews, dried fruits, nuts, two loaves of fresh baked bread, baked tofu... We felt good all weekend, saved money, lost weight, and learned a thing or two about what would be better to bring next year.

I will be attempting in the next few months to not eat in restaurants AT ALL. I am both terrified of doing this and looking forward to the challenge. Eating out is my biggest cash suck, and I need to dispense with a few of the cash sucks in my life as I attempt to conduct myself like a fiscally responsible adult.

I also have to be careful at the grocery store, as I can go wild and spend hundreds of dollars in mere minutes. I'll be sifting through my reader to find all of The Urban Vegan's suggestions for saving money and eating on the cheap.

I'm sure I'll be going crazy, and will want to vent to my fine readers... In return, I'll be stepping up my efforts to bring you recipes and photos!

Thanks for reading as always.