Trial and Error

Ever since trying to do more fancy things that I can photograph and be proud to post recipes for, I've encountered more failure than usual. While initially uncomfortable, the experiences almost always prove valuable.

Last night I tried to do coconut tofu. The coconut wouldn't stick, I burned the bejesus out of the coconut, blah blah, comedy of errors. Basically, I wanted to make it vegan rather than just vegetarian, which meant not using the greatest of all culinary glue: eggs.

The marinade was also too salty- I used soy sauce, a little miso, a dash of sesame oil, a splash of rice vinegar, and a dusting of corn starch. My assumption was that the corn starch would help the coconut stick, but there really wasn't enough for the marinade to do double duty as a slurry. Also, I should have cut the marinade with mirin, or found more vinegar, or something. It wasn't inedible, but it was... strong.

So I asked Mari if she would mind eating the same thing two nights in a row, she said no, and so I'm going to try again tonight and post up some pics. What I will post from last night are the pics I took of the purple potatoes. They're so beautiful!!

I found this recipe on "What the hell does a Vegan eat, anyway?" and will use the techniques listed within to hopefully achieve success.

Wish me luck and good tofu!!


Marjorie and Andrew said...

luck! I know you will figure it out and it will be de-lis-ius! LOL

Zero said...

Your blog makes me so effin' hungry :/