Furlough Day Ride

Last Friday, my dad and I took a ride to the S.F. Bay Area.

A photo from "The Wall," a popular stop for motorcyclists that overlooks U.C. Berkeley and San Francisco in the distance. It's generally pretty hazy, but we could see the city fairly well.

After pausing for photos and to chat with some other riders, we headed down into Port Costa. As far as I can tell, Port Costa was home to a few houses, a brothel (maybe) that's been turned into a "hotel," a post office, and a huge bar called The Warehouse Cafe. The main attraction on Friday was the road in to Port Costa, but only because I had to get home somehow. Were I spending the night, the main attraction surely would have been the bar's outdoor seating area and selection of microbrews.

But the road, ah, the road. It was quite scenic, and also quite curvy. Observe:

The most interesting part about Port Costa (to me, anyway) is its location in relation to the Carquinez bridge. I've been over that bridge a million times, but never gave much thought to the idea that there might be civilization down where the C&H plant sits. Of course, if the Yelp! reviews of the Burlington Hotel are at all accurate, my original assumptions may very well be correct. I am simultaneously (and quite inexorably) drawn and repelled by the idea of this place. Part of me thinks the dirt and riffraff sounds scary and gross, part of me thinks it would be ten kinds of awesome to put Devendra Banhart on a boombox and just get weird. Anyway, I had never seen the bridge from this angle:

While I was taking a picture of the bridge, my dad spied a benchmark. I had never seen one of these in my life before I started riding a motorcycle, and now I've seen two in the last six months. Coincidence? Probably.

After Port Costa, we did a whole lot of splitting traffic before making a run around the Berryessa GP (Hwy 121-128), which made for a satisfying end to a great day.

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