The stories of the last few weeks, Part I

Since a portion of my blog is supposed to be about riding, I finally took my camera along with me on a ride a few weekends ago. The weather was lovely, and my friends were up from LA, so I invited my dear friend Lauren to come along with my dad and me. She rode on the back of my dad's VStrom, and we had lunch in Georgetown (there's a deli there that makes killer vegetarian sandwiches). We met about four young riders at the deli, invited them to come along with us. We headed over to Placerville by way of a road that features unbelievable elevation changes around hairpin turns, and a one-lane wooden suspension bridge. All in all a beautiful day, and the best part was being along for Lauren's maiden voyage by motorcycle. She had a button that allowed her to talk to me, and was able to chat with my dad and hear music via the intercom. I could see him in front of me, talking to her while pointing out the sights. It was fantastic.

In the driveway of my place, my dad helps Lauren get geared up.

On the way to lunch, we paused at the Bear Creek picnic area... two tiny picnic tables tucked away down a dirt road next to a babbling brook. It's very "enchanted forest."

My dad and me:

Lauren and me:

We stopped after crossing the bridge on Mosquito Rd., and I couldn't pass up this shot:

One of the views from the bridge:

On the way back to Latrobe Rd. and Hwy 16, we paused at Brandon Rd. The girl on that adorable pink and black R6 had some mechanical trouble and, unbeknownst to us, stopped to fix it. One of the group caught us and we all waited for everyone else. Brandon Rd. has the kind of scenery that seems like it shouldn't exist so close to a northern california metropolis.

All the food is on its way in the next few posts!


Marjorie and Andrew said...

What fun! It looks like a great ride and you took great pix! I need to come out and hop on the back of your dad's bike again! It was to much fun!

Ali McMath said...

I love the blog about your ride. I go on loads of ride-outs too (I have a Triumph Street Triple R) and always take my camera with me.
Following your blog with interest as I love cookery also :-)
I'm doing a blog about a charity motorbike ride (amongst other things) I am doing in May called 'Breast Way Round'.
Best wishes,

Ali McMath said...
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