Post Postponed

I haven't forgotten my promise to get everything from the Christmas Eve dinner up and running.

My excuses are as follows:

Christmas morning I woke up to the explosion of a Christmas party in our kitchen. I did a little tiny bit of cleaning, and then left a note for my roommate that I would help when I got back. I came back to find a note from her to leave it all until she got back. Then she got back, we took one look at the mess, and went to a friend's house to eat their food, drink some wine and play Rock Band.

The next day we cleaned, watched some movies, drank champagne and ate cheese and roasted garlic, went karaoke-ing and stayed up until all hours.

Tonight I needed to clean my room... It was like, not a joke anymore.

Stay tuned... I have good photos and discussions of what worked on Christmas Eve and what didn't.

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